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5 key challenges extraordinary aid workers face in the Central African Republic

One of the most dangerous places on the African continent, the Central African Republic remains in a fragile state today. Despite often hostile working conditions, relief workers continue to provide lifesaving assistance to many Central Africans. Aid workers in CAR face five major challenges: Challenge 1. Security While significant improvements were made to pave the […]

Women in CAR: Catastrophes as Opportunities

I. Catastrophes as Opportunities Humanitarian crises often pose unique challenges to women. New vulnerabilities are created and old ones are exposed more brutally. However, in these times of chaos there is also a window of opportunity, a period of restructuring, when the role of women can be improved in a society transitioning into peace. As […]

Positive End of Year for CAR

Central African Republic (CAR) is often condemned in the media to the now familiar stereotype of the “war-torn African nation.” Since a coup in 2013, the country has indeed been embroiled in an ongoing conflict set to the backdrop of state breakdown. But in December 2015, CAR made the headlines for two new, more positive […]