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After Matthew: is Haiti on its feet?

On October 16th 2016, Haiti was hit by Hurricane Matthew, resulting in more than 900 dead and widespread devastation and displacement in the South. Haiti was already suffering from a humanitarian and political crisis following the 2010 earthquake as well as a cholera outbreak and a prolonged drought. So where are we now? What’s working […]

Zika: What’s it like to be a woman at risk in Haiti today?

The Silent Unknown Zika has been called the next Ebola. It’s a threatening disease that’s quickly approaching the United States and for which we currently have no vaccine. But unlike Ebola, Zika is often hidden, secretly wreaking havoc.  Most of those infected with Zika will experience only mild symptoms, eighty per cent will show no […]

The UN’s Cholera: Legality and Morality in Haiti

In 2010, Haiti was devastated by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. Later that year, the tragedy was compounded by a cholera outbreak that continues today. As part of the peacekeeping operation present in Haiti since 2004, one of the units from Nepal was improperly screened and brought cholera to the country. Though the unit was not one of […]

Nature and Nurture: Why is Haiti So Poor?

“Haiti has had slavery, revolution, debt, deforestation, corruption, exploitation and violence. And that was before the earthquake. It sounds a terrible cliché, but it really is a perfect storm. This is a catastrophe beyond our worst imagination.” – Alex von Tunzelmann, historian and writer Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. In 2010 […]