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Deadly Kabul explosions felt for thousands of miles

iguacu’s Lead Researcher for Afghanistan Rahila Muhibi penned a personal note following Wednesday’s deadly explosions in Kabul in which, she has since learned, 11 members of her extended family and the families of her friends were killed. Like so many Afghans living abroad, we stay connected with Afghanistan; for some that special bond is out […]

South Sudan: when it rains, it pours

South Sudan is in the midst of the first famine declared in the world since 2011. Brought on as a result of conflict and drought, more than 100,000 people face starvation and a further one million are at risk. While the rainy season should provide the opportunity for farmers to plant crops for the coming […]

The who’s who in the Afghan conflict

Many people remain unaware that there is a war in Afghanistan impacting the lives of millions of people. Whilst the conflict is complex and involves multiple actors, four of them are pivotal. THE TALIBAN The Taliban, a hardline Islamist political and religious faction, emerged in the mid-1990s in northern Pakistan following the withdrawal of Soviet […]

After Matthew: is Haiti on its feet?

On October 16th 2016, Haiti was hit by Hurricane Matthew, resulting in more than 900 dead and widespread devastation and displacement in the South. Haiti was already suffering from a humanitarian and political crisis following the 2010 earthquake as well as a cholera outbreak and a prolonged drought. So where are we now? What’s working […]

5 key challenges extraordinary aid workers face in the Central African Republic

One of the most dangerous places on the African continent, the Central African Republic remains in a fragile state today. Despite often hostile working conditions, relief workers continue to provide lifesaving assistance to many Central Africans. Aid workers in CAR face five major challenges: Challenge 1. Security While significant improvements were made to pave the […]

Money, Hunger and Crime: The disturbing economics behind the Syrian conflict

In the news on the Syrian war we hear much about Islamist groups, international power struggles and political grievances. But there is another side to the conflict, one where financial aid, smuggling, misery and crime are sometimes decisive in shaping the war. Unemployment, heat and the causes of the crisis We may mark the start of […]