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After Matthew: is Haiti on its feet?

On October 16th 2016, Haiti was hit by Hurricane Matthew, resulting in more than 900 dead and widespread devastation and displacement in the South. Haiti was already suffering from a humanitarian and political crisis following the 2010 earthquake as well as a cholera outbreak and a prolonged drought. So where are we now? What’s working […]

5 key challenges extraordinary aid workers face in the Central African Republic

One of the most dangerous places on the African continent, the Central African Republic remains in a fragile state today. Despite often hostile working conditions, relief workers continue to provide lifesaving assistance to many Central Africans. Aid workers in CAR face five major challenges: Challenge 1. Security While significant improvements were made to pave the […]

Money, Hunger and Crime: The disturbing economics behind the Syrian conflict

In the news on the Syrian war we hear much about Islamist groups, international power struggles and political grievances. But there is another side to the conflict, one where financial aid, smuggling, misery and crime are sometimes decisive in shaping the war. Unemployment, heat and the causes of the crisis We may mark the start of […]

The lights of peace, hope and freedom

For many, the festive season is in full swing and our streets and homes are dressed in coloured lights. In communal spaces, lighting spectacles can surprise and delight. Sometimes the simplest are the most touching such as a candle-lit pathway or table. Preparing our homes, we signal to loved ones we may seldom see that […]

What’s Life Like in Thailand’s Largest Burmese Refugee Camp?

After independence from Britain in 1948, many Burmese minority ethnic groups protested and rebelled against the formation of a unified Burmese state, largely in fear of losing their identity and autonomy. In response, the Burmese state started to attack minority groups. Under successive military juntas, Myanmar has suppressed ethnic minority groups and continued a policy […]

Syria: Where Are We Now?

The carnage goes on. According to the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, more than 55,000 people were killed in 2015, including 2,500 children. Hundreds of thousands of desperate refugees have fled to Europe. The question of their resettlement has sparked divisions within the European Union. Security concerns and fear of extremism have further complicated the […]