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Money, Hunger and Crime: The disturbing economics behind the Syrian conflict

In the news on the Syrian war we hear much about Islamist¬†groups, international power struggles and political grievances. But there is another side to the conflict, one where financial aid, smuggling, misery and crime are sometimes decisive in shaping the war. Unemployment, heat and the causes of the crisis We may mark the start of […]

5 Inspiring Syrian Stories

As the biggest refugee crisis of our times continues unabated, spurred on by the horrendous conflict in Syria, it is easy to miss the positive stories emerging on a daily basis. Here are just a few examples of Syrian refugees defying their circumstances and building a better world.

Syrian Children in the Heart of Violence

The true horror of the Syrian crisis is hard to imagine, but the plight of Syrian children is particularly horrifying. This piece is not about the massive humanitarian needs, the displacements, or the insecurity. It is about the children that are thrust into the heart of the violence through their use in military operations. The […]

An Artistic Uprising: Three Syrian Collectives Re-framing the Conflict

In the five years since the start of the Syrian war the news has been dominated with headlines of violence, atrocities and, more often than not, a pervading sense of disappointment in the failure to find a solution to the crisis. Yet this political upheaval has been accompanied by an equally dramatic artistic upheaval, news […]

“The Jungle”: A Visit to a French Refugee Camp

The journey from London to¬†the French coastal city of Calais was quick and comfortable . I nearly forgot I was travelling between two different countries until I was greeted by high fences and endless spirals of barbed wire, which marked the boundaries of the refugee camp. Police vans were everywhere and armed police forces patrolled […]