Governing Principles


  • We’re a positive enterprise with a heart and a very special mission: to empower and serve the public when they wish to help in the world wherever there is great need.
  • By providing the ‘go to’ place for the world to give, iguacu’s vision is to enable the channelling of large scale effective public action to where it’s most needed.
  • iguacu provides reliable recommendations for effective action that the public can take with confidence. iguacu’s high quality, balanced and authoritative information service helps the public make informed decisions about acting effectively and raises awareness of issues concerning large scale suffering that need the world’s attention.
  • iguacu exists to serve the global public and as a result of its service, to reduce human suffering.
  • In serving the public, we serve two main constituencies: our platform users/community, and the beneficiaries of the actions we recommend.
  • iguacu’s coverage of countries and crises is limited to places in the world where the local capacity or willingness to respond is limited.
  • At iguacu, we value rigour, striving in all our research and services from inception to delivery to be as rigorous as possible.
  • At the heart of our operations and effectiveness is the extensive iguacu network of area experts. As we protect their identity, the network is free to speak, in otherwise constrained circumstances, about what is really happening on the ground, to help us to advise the public, in support of the mission and vision.
  • iguacu is strictly independent. All humanitarian and development organizations considered by iguacu arise from our confidential liaison with our extensive network of area experts.
  • iguacu accepts no sources of funding that do not fully accept our principle of independence or come with any agenda or attempt to influence what we do and where we do it.
  • iguacu is service-oriented and user-sensitive in the pursuit of its mission and vision. We very much welcome, value and respond effectively to user feedback in our drive to create a platform the public loves, acts on and shares with others, whilst adhering to our governing principles.
  • iguacu is strictly and permanently not-for-profit and its not-for-profit status cannot be changed under any circumstances by anyone. Surplus funds are re-invested into improving iguacu’s services and securing iguacu’s financial sustainability. Any further surplus will be dispersed to iguacu’s recommended organizations.
  • iguacu seeks to remain as lean as possible in terms of its own costs by seeking pro bono services and using cost-effective means to conduct its operations whilst adhering to its governing principles.
  • In serving the global public and realising the mission and vision, and in all operations and communications, iguacu seeks to do no harm.
  • In recruitment, we seek highly skilled professionals in tune with our values and mission, and with a positive, results-oriented, solutions-oriented attitude.
  • In all internal and external communications, and in all our operations, we value people’s time.
  • In our own operations, structure and governance, we value effectiveness, integrity, agility, responsiveness, diversity and innovation.

Photo Credits (top to bottom): Repina Valeriya / CC BY 2.0