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iguacu update: April 2017

The UN has declared the threat of famine in South Sudan, North-east Nigeria, Somalia and Yemen as the greatest humanitarian crisis facing the world since 1945. Violent conflict and extreme poverty are the primary drivers of the crisis. Extreme droughts in South Sudan and Somalia have also contributed to the crisis.

More than 20 million people are currently at risk of famine and starvation. The UN has stated that the world needs to act now if a human catastrophe is to be averted.


While a serious risk of famine threatens Somalia, Yemen and Nigeria, famine has already been declared in South Sudan. The public today can support the South Sudanese people, effectively, by donating to the iguacu recommendation. Our expert network in South Sudan recommends the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). You can donate here to their restricted appeal for South Sudan.

Today in South Sudan, one million children are malnourished. A quarter of a million children are near death from severe malnourishment.

On February 20, famine was declared in two areas of South Sudan (Leer and Mayendit), and two further counties were classified as being at risk. Today, nearly 5 million South Sudanese face severe food insecurity. One hundred thousand South Sudanese are currently facing starvation and a further 1 million people are on the brink of famine.

The ICRC is present in most areas affected by this crisis, have carried out emergency food distribution and will be supplying local people with seeds, tools and food. The ICRC in South Sudan has long been recommended by our expert network and are a reliable organization to support for the public wishing to support the many people caught up in this horrendous crisis.

Donate here to iguacu’s ICRC restricted appeal in South Sudan

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* images courtesy of the ICRC:  Alyona Synenko and Layal Horanieh

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Food distribution in South Sudan