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SAMS is one of the most active and responsive healthcare charities in Syria. Primarily run by Syrian nationals, best placed to understand and respond to this complex crisis, SAMS’ exceptionally wide reach allows them to assist people in hard-to-access areas. In 2016 SAMS provided over 2,600,000 medical services, including in displacement camps and with an increasing sensitivity to gender-based violence.

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Today, when you mention Syria, what comes to mind? War, terrorism, refugees… However, beyond these headlines there is another country with an incredible history, as well as a powerful will and potential to build a bright future. Its walls have sheltered Assyrians, Romans, and Macedonians as well as Arab Muslims and Turks. All have left traces of their passage, creating a uniquely diverse tapestry of interwoven cultures and architecture.


We know Syria seems like a desperate situation but international donations to humanitarian work do make a difference for many Syrians who, we must not forget, do not want this war. Syrian civilians pay the heaviest price. Some estimates claim that more than 470,000 people have been killed, including thousands of children.  The Syrian people, their history and culture, are threatened by a destructive civil war and a severe humanitarian crisis and they need your help.

The crisis

In 2011, following a violent crackdown on pro-democracy protests, Syria was plunged into a civil war that is still ongoing and is tearing the country and its people apart.  The presence of various armed groups and their regional and international backers, firmly entrenched in their positions, makes any settlement in the near future difficult and worsens the humanitarian situation.

What is the situation on the ground?

Triggered by the ongoing civil war that broke out in 2011, the current humanitarian situation is one of the gravest in the world. More than 4.8 million people have fled Syria, 6.3 million are internally displaced. Most of the refugees are in neighboring countries but many have also made it to Europe contributing in significant numbers to the latest refugee crisis in Europe. Nearly 2 million children are out of school in Syria. Food prices continue to rise dramatically and it is estimated that three out of four Syrians are living in poverty. There are up to 700,000 people living in besieged areas at the point of starvation.  In spite of a UN Resolution on the delivery of humanitarian assistance to all parts of Syria, humanitarian access remains extremely limited and made worse by the intense fighting and shifting conflict lines. In the face of such devastation however, our experts know where donations are needed to effectively support the Syrian people.

Which sectors need your help?

The humanitarian needs in Syria are staggering. More than half of the population of Syria has been displaced making Syria the largest displacement crisis in the world. There are more than 13 million people in need of humanitarian aid.  Considering the protracted nature of the conflict, the needs are very diverse across different humanitarian sectors including food, health, shelter and sanitation. This is especially the case with the increasing numbers of Syrians living under serious economic pressure. The scale of the Syrian crisis justifies the use of multi-sectoral approach in humanitarian aid.

Photo Credits (top to bottom): Dimashqi Lens / CC BY 2.0 , Hussein Alazaat / CC BY 2.0, Freedom House / CC BY 2.0, Russell Watkins, DFID / CC BY 2.0 , Map: World Fact Book.

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