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Welcome to iguacu Digital Services (the “Services”). The Services are provided by iguacu Ltd (“iguacu”), which is a Certified Member of Social Enterprise UK. Your use of the Services is subject to these Terms of Service (“Terms”). These Terms will be applicable to your use of iguacu’s official Website, iguacu’s website, Facebook Page and all other iguacu social media platforms. By using the Services, you signify your acceptance of these Terms. If you do not agree to these Terms, do not use the Services.

The Services

1. The Services might include text, images, graphics, user interfaces, visual interfaces, audio, trademarks, logos, video media, artwork, designs, pdf documents, articles, resources, forms and other content made available to you by iguacu (“the Content”). The Content is owned or is licenced to iguacu. Sometimes the relevant licence will have additional terms and conditions, such as the GNU General Public License for digital services. Although every reasonable effort has been made to ensure that the Content is accurate at the time of publication, it will not always be kept up to date.

2. The Content is provided without any guarantees, conditions or warranties as to its accuracy.

3. No information on the Services is intended to be an offer to enter into a contract or other binding obligation between iguacu and the users of the Services.

4. iguacu Digital Services is a not- for-profit information gathering and distribution platform whose main aim is to produce information helpful to those who wish to directly support good causes. We gather information from a worldwide network of experts and from other information sources to help us direct our users to what our experts might consider to be effective actions to take to contribute to the relief of human suffering worldwide. The Content is given in good faith and for general information and interest only. It is subject to change without notice. iguacu is not responsible for any inaccuracies and makes no representation and gives no warranty as to its accuracy.

Use of the Services

5. By accessing the Services you agree:

5.1. to behave in a respectful way to other users;

5.2. to abide by the rules outlined under Privacy and Cookie Policies;

5.3. to refrain from using the Services for the purpose of uploading or publishing or sending information which is false, offensive, sexually explicit, defamatory, threatening, obscene or unlawful in the country where you live and/or in the UK;

5.4. to only use and/or copy Content in accordance with these Terms and to refrain from infringing intellectual property rights that belong to iguacu or to third parties. It is your responsibility to make enquires about the ownership and the conditions of use in relation to Content and its related intellectual property rights before using or copying it;

5.5. not to modify, delete, interfere with or misuse data contained within the Services;

5.6. to refrain from posting the same, or similar information multiple times through the Services;

5.7. not to copy any part of the Services or the Content into different websites or product and not publish or otherwise use direct links to the Services without obtaining prior written consent from iguacu;

5.8. not to abuse, harass, threaten, impersonate or intimidate any other users of the Services;

5.9. not to suggest or imply that iguacu endorses or approves any product or services (for instance, a personal or a commercial website), any other entity, or any belief or opinion expressed within a product or service, without our prior written consent of iguacu;

5.10. not to hyperlink to the Services from illegal, obscene or offensive content or website, or if the link is likely to have a negative impact on iguacu’s reputation.

6. You agree that where our Services enable you to submit a message in relation to any of our fundraising or awareness campaigns, we may publish the content of your message together with any information you provide about yourself including but not limited to: your name, country and state or city of residence (as may be applicable). We can use this information without paying you and without any time restriction.

7. The Content does not always reflect the view of iguacu. iguacu encourages freedom of expression, and the views expressed by individuals through the Services may not represent the views of iguacu.

8. You may access, copy, re-tweet, download and print, view and/or listen to Content for your own personal and non-commercial use, provided you credit iguacu and abide by any notice or restrictions in the material that you copy, re-tweet, share, download or print.

9. You must not use the Content for any other purpose without prior written consent by iguacu, for example: you must not:

9.1. use the Content for commercial purposes;

9.2. republish it on another website (although this does not prevent you from re-tweeting Content);

9.3. modify it in any way;

9.4. use any illustrations, images, video or audio sequences or any graphic Content separately from any accompanying text. (This does not apply to illustrations, images, video or audio sequences, which are made available under Creative Commons Licence or similar Public Use Licence);

9.5. remove any trademark, copyright or other proprietary notices contained in or accompanying the Content in whole or in part.

10. If you wish to make any use of the Content that is not authorised by these Terms, please contact iguacu for permission explaining the purpose of use and full details of any Content you wish to use.

11. The Services are provided free of charge and at iguacu sole discretion so we may remove Content or part or the entire Services with or without prior notice at any time.

Data protection

12. Iguacu will capture, process, protect and secure personal data that you provide for the purposes set out on our site, in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

13. These Terms and Conditions shall be read in conjunction with Iguacu’s Privacy Policy. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you also give your consent to the way we may handle your personal information under that Policy. Read our Privacy Policy here.

Links to Third Party Sites

14. The Services contain links to other websites on the Internet that are operated by third parties (“Third Party Sites”). Each third Party Site is likely to have its own terms of service which is the user’s responsibility to read and comply with.

15. iguacu accepts no responsibility and gives no warranties for the accuracy, copyright compliance, legality, decency, or any other aspect of the content of any Third Party Site.

16. iguacu has no control over content that appears on a Third Party Site and accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage whether direct or consequential that users may suffer in connection with the use of such site.

17. Links from the Services to a Third Party Site are not intended to imply an endorsement of it by iguacu or any association with its operators.

18. If you decide to purchase from or donate to through a Third Party Site, you must carry out your own enquiries and due diligence as iguacu accepts no responsibility for any financial loss or damage whether direct or consequential that users may suffer in connection with any purchase or donation through a Third Party Site.


19. To maintain the Services we might sometimes allow advertisements to be displayed on our website. We cannot be responsible for the content of advertisements as they are displayed by an automated process. The advertising is controlled by the advertiser. If you click on an advertisement, it will usually link to a site that is operated by the advertiser. We have no control over the advertiser’s site or the policies on that site and we strive to exclude inappropriate advertisements.

No warranties

20. iguacu does not guarantee that the Services will be free from viruses and/or malware . In addition to the Content which is published by iguacu, users might also use the Services to post users generated content (“UGC) which iguacu cannot guarantee will be free from viruses and/or malware. By using the Services you agree that it is your responsibility to ensure that your digital device has appropriate protection against viruses and other malware and other security arrangements in place whilst using the Services.

21. The Services and any information or other material contained in them are made available strictly on the basis that you accept them on an ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ basis. Where you rely on any information or other material contained in the Services, you do so entirely at your own risk and you accept that iguacu gives no warranties, conditions and/or undertakings, express or implied, whether by common law, statute, trade usage, course of dealings or otherwise in respect of the Services, their accuracy or reliability. You expressly agree that iguacu shall not be liable to you for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential loss resulting from your use of the Services.

Applicable Law

22. The Services are controlled and operated by iguacu from the United Kingdom and are subject to English law. Any dispute concerning the Terms, the Services or the Content shall be governed by English law as applied in England and Wales and the English and Welsh courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any such disputes. However, iguacu retains the right to bring proceedings against users who breach these Terms and who reside outside England and Wales in their own country of residence or any other relevant country.

23. The Services are not intended to be accessed by persons from countries with laws which may construe the Services or the Content as being contrary to their laws. Persons subject to such laws shall not be entitled to use the Services unless they can satisfy iguacu that such use would be lawful.

Changes to these Terms

24. If there is any conflict between these Terms and any rules or specific terms of use appearing elsewhere on within the Services, relating to specific material, then these rules or specific terms shall prevail.

25. These Terms might be amended from time to time without notice and with immediate effect. The up-to-date version will appear on

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