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Whilst we’re not currently recruiting any new team members, we’re always on the lookout for passionate people with an interest in iguacu. Say hello, email


What does it mean to work for iguacu?

The first thing you’ll notice is we’re a friendly, bright and supportive team, in a fast-moving, fast-changing start-up. At iguacu, we share a positive, can-do attitude. We work hard and we’re relentless on rigor, but there’s a lightness to our culture. We value keeping a balanced life and you can see the difference. Ideas flow and there’s a healthy energy and dynamism, helped by the fact that we’re results-oriented, inspired, and enjoy very little bureaucracy. iguacu cares about effectiveness in word and deed. We have a big vision and governing principles we observe and defend, and we’re serious about delivery. We’re excited about where iguacu is heading and the powerful force for good in the world iguacu will become. Take a look at our current vacancies below!

Photo Credits (top to bottom): Theis Kofoed Hjorth / CC BY-SA 2.0